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DEI Consulting and Coaching Services

Building a long lasting DEI strategy requires strong, empathetic leadership and a multi-level approach. To find out more, schedule your first free consultation today!

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Consulting Services

Every organization is unique with diverse needs. Our custom plans are designed to address your organization’s pain points and help you achieve your D&I goals.

DEI Plan Review


For orgs that need a starting point for a D&I plan

  • Review your plan to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.
  • Includes 1-hour prep call and 1-hour close out call.
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DEI Program Refresh


For orgs with a D&I plan to refresh or roll out

  • Review your plan to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.
  • Includes 1-hour prep call and 1-hour close out call.
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DEI Strategy Analysis


For orgs with established strategies that need refinement

  • Complete a detailed assessment of your D&I strategy, including business case, supporting resources/infrastructure, alignment of strategies, metrics and analytics. Provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Includes meetings with executives, key stakeholders, and resources responsible for D&I initiatives, 1-hour prep call, 1-hour close out call, touchpoints throughout the project, written recommendations for strategic improvements.
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360 Strategic Plan Development


For large orgs with a commitment to a multi-year comprehensive D&I plan

  • Create multi-year strategic plan. Includes business case development, strategic objectives, related action plan, metrics, and resources/infrastructure for execution.
  • Includes meetings with CEO, diversity leadership, key executives and stakeholders, prep call, periodic meetings throughout project, strategic plan with action items and presentation.
  • Requires close partnership with your designated project leader and access to functional leaders and data, metrics, and analytics in support of plan development.
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Coaching & Facilitation

Get support from an experienced coach on strategy execution, positioning with your board, education, communication, building buy-in, and how to meet the challenges head-on.

Individual Leadership Coaching


For current and future allied leaders

  • Minimum of 4 personalized coaching sessions
  • Includes focused assessment questionnaires and interpersonal mentorship
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Team Coaching


For small teams and cross-functional management trainings

  • Minimum of 4 team coaching sessions
  • Includes pre-coaching questionnaires for each participant and post-coaching assessments
  • $500 for each additional participant, up to a maximum of 8 total. For larger groups, please contact us.
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Lynne Williams

Great Careers, Philadelphia Free Library

What I learned from Di today included information from a recent doctoral course AND MUCH MORE! Di's outstanding presentation was delivered with knowledge, facts, research, and stories. Anything I can learn or do to be a better ally is a positive step.

Andrew Braun

Financial Advisor

Thanks for your enlightening message today in our ever changing landscape that impacts those in career transition. The video Di shared was a very clear and helpful way to demonstrate the impact of privilege in our society that we should all be mindful of.

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