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How Standardized Hiring Practices are Killing Diversity, Along with Your Bottom Line

Why do we need more diverse teams? It’s not just about doing the right thing — it’s also about doing the smart thing.

“You’re Never Going to Work Here”

The year is 2007 and a friend of mine has been recruited out of college to work for a successful, worldwide consulting company. One of the big ones. While I was happy for my friend, I was also interested in starting my career there when I finished my degree. It seemed so fancy! So I asked him “Can I send in a CV?”

“No,” he said “they don’t do that. Every shop only recruits out of their local top universities. They have an in-house recruiting team that goes only to the best schools and recruits on campus.”

“But, my grades are excellent, and I have good work experience” I said defensively. “I’m paying for college myself, it doesn’t mean I’m not smart enough to work there.”

“Di, I don’t know what...

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