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10 Changes You Can Make Right Now To Improve Diversity In Your Hiring Funnel (Especially In Tech)

No matter where I go in my travels as a diversity consultant, everyone from recruiters to hiring managers to even CEOs ask me the same question: “If diversity is important to drive our ability to innovate and succeed, how do we make changes to attract the right people today?” A company fully committed to diversity and inclusion has to make an ongoing effort to make it a priority, often requiring major initial systemic changes and continuing revisions. But you have to start somewhere, right?

With that in mind, I want to share some simple changes that will not only put your best diversity foot forward to your candidates, but might just serve as the spark that gets your company to take the required steps to becoming a more inclusive and diverse workplace. The quickest way to show that you are prioritizing these efforts in your company and to attract the right folks is to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do that is by refreshing your hiring funnel...

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How Standardized Hiring Practices are Killing Diversity, Along with Your Bottom Line

Why do we need more diverse teams? It’s not just about doing the right thing — it’s also about doing the smart thing.

“You’re Never Going to Work Here”

The year is 2007 and a friend of mine has been recruited out of college to work for a successful, worldwide consulting company. One of the big ones. While I was happy for my friend, I was also interested in starting my career there when I finished my degree. It seemed so fancy! So I asked him “Can I send in a CV?”

“No,” he said “they don’t do that. Every shop only recruits out of their local top universities. They have an in-house recruiting team that goes only to the best schools and recruits on campus.”

“But, my grades are excellent, and I have good work experience” I said defensively. “I’m paying for college myself, it doesn’t mean I’m not smart enough to work there.”

“Di, I don’t know what...

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Women Entrepreneurs: What it took me to get here.

For Women’s Entrepreneurship Day I thought I should come out of the shadows of other women; bold women who have stepped into the arena of public writings and share a piece of myself.

I’m Di Ciruolo, I own Staffing Studio, a boutique technical staffing agency in Greater Boston. I started to get into technical staffing for women, people of color and LGBTQIA folks that maybe needed a little assistance kicking those doors down. That’s one of my super powers. But more on that later.

I was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in the 80s (don’t worry about which year), and my parents couldn’t take care of me. I’ll spare you the details but I landed in foster care, permanently. ‘But Di’, you might think ‘isn’t the end goal of foster care to offer services, and support and then reunify with the family’? Yeah, not in all cases. Some cases are so terrible that you don’t ever go back. You become a ward of the state. They...

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