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Ally Up - Now Available!

Ally Up is the definitive guide to understanding, supporting, and encouraging inclusive practices in the workplace. Strengthen your leadership skills to build and grow more diverse, innovative, and productive teams with hundreds of real-world anecdotes, examples, and lessons.

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Praise for Ally Up

"Ally Up doesn't leave the reader wondering how to take action or what's next because it's all there. I'd recommend this book to C-suite executives, HR, and DEI professionals who are striving to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment at their organizations."

Janis C. Middleton
SVP, Executive Director of Multicultural and Inclusion Strategy

"Ally Up is a poignant blueprint for cultivating, nurturing, and sustaining allyship in today's push for authentic diversity, equity, and inclusive workspaces. This book is a must-read for anyone who genuinely wants to facilitate allyship conversations and communities of practice that lead to action."

Michellea Millis
Founder, BrownSTEM®,INC.

Public Appearances

Dec 8, 2020

The Wonder Dome Podcast: Diversity is All of Us

Di speaks with Andy Cahill from the Wonder Dome about helping individuals and organizations become allies for a more diverse and inclusive culture.


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